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Transmission Service (2yrs. 30K Miles)

Automatic Transmission Service, we insure your transmission fluid is up to tempature before we remove the transmission pan. This insures that we can remove the maximum amount of old dirty transmission fluid. (Not all the fluid can be removed during a service, some of the fluid remains in the torque converter and the cooler lines.) When the pan is off, our technician checks for metal shavings and other debris which are indicators of impending transmission problems. Once the fluid has stopped draining we remove and replace your transmission filter. If there is no problems found we re-install transmission pan with a new gasket and fill the transmission with new transmission fluid per manufactures specifications and check for leaks. The last thing our technician does is a FREE 30 point inspection. Every vehicle seen for any reason receives a FREE 30 point vehicle inspection.


Trans Tech "ATF Exchange"

Jeep Transmission Service, Jeep transmission ATF Fluid Exchange
ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) Exchange. Sometimes referred to as an Automatic Transmission Flush, in some cases a Trans Tech ATF Exchange maybe recommended. Trans Tech connects through transmission cooler lines and provides a clean, "environmentally friendly" and systematic approach to servicing automatic transmissions. The unit will flush all of the old transmission fluid and replace it with the new fluid while the engine is idling. Normally when a technician drains the transmission, the torque converter, clutch drums, cooler and the valve body will retain large amounts of old, burnt and dirty fluid. But, by allowing the vehicle's transmission pump to flush out the old fluid, virtually all of the old fluid can be replaced. Every vehicle seen for any reason receives a FREE 30 point vehicle inspection.

Transmission Repair

Our ASE Certified Technicians can do minor Transmission repairs to major Transmission rebuilds all work is covered by our 13 month 13,000 mile Limited Warranty. Every vehicle seen for any reason receives a FREE 30 point vehicle inspection.


Dyno Testing and Tuning DynoJet Dyno Gresham Oregon

We Carry Interstate Batteries



13 Month 13,000 Mile Limited Warranty

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